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Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

So, you’ve decided to take that giant leap forward and create a goal or two for yourself.  Congratulations!  I am impressed. You are now among an elite group of people who actually desire to make positive changes in their lives and who set out to do something about it. 

But wait!  

What will you do now to make sure that you can be in the even more elite group that actually achieves these goals?  Well, keep reading this article to find out what I suggest.  

Here, we’re going to take a look at seven habits that I’ve found work best when you’re on the path to achieving your goals. And at the end of this post, I’ll tell you how you can get more of my tips for setting and achieving your goals.


Habit Number 1 – Write and rewrite your goals everyday

Writing is one of the most powerful ways to ingrain an idea in your mind. Make it a part of your daily routine to sit down and write your goals. But remember that how you write them is also important. If your goal, for example, is to earn 10 thousand dollars per month, don’t write it like a wish… write it like it’s already happening! Write down, “I earn 10 thousand dollars per month” every morning or evening, whichever works best for you. Make sure you write it down, because it engages you more than typing it out.  The idea is to believe in the statement and know it to be absolutely true, and this reprograms your subconscious. Your mind and body get attuned to it and work towards helping you focus yourself to achieve your goals. Doing this in the morning is probably best, because it sets a good tone for how you should go about your day.


Habit Number 2 – Create and repeat affirmation statements

You know how we can be negative to ourselves sometimes? We pick apart tiny flaws in our work or ourselves.  And you may think it doesn’t matter but your subconscious mind is listening to your negative words, and it’s having a negative impact on your life. When you keep repeating negative statements, your mind and body start to believe it. But what if we switched it up? You’ve probably already heard about positive affirmations. They are short statements that you declare as a fact, and it can be something you want from life, or something you want to change. Saying these affirmations to yourself frequently has a similar effect to writing your goals down, except this one you say out loud. You are informing your subconscious mind of what you want, which attracts into your life the right people and opportunities to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you focus on the fact that you are not losing weight, you get stuck in a negative space. So instead of saying “I wish I could lose weight”, say “I have the perfect weight for me.” Telling yourself you already have it enables you to subconsciously eat healthier, get more exercise in, and take care of your health.


Habit Number 3 – Audit and adjust your attitude

Attitude plays a huge role in how you pursue your goals. It determines everything from your quality of life to how you feel about yourself, and if this isn’t right, even your most noble goals will be left un-achieved. Your dominant thoughts rule your everyday life, so why wouldn’t you want them to be positive and ambitious? The right attitude enables persistence, discipline, and creativity. It enables focus and helps you stay alert to new opportunities. Even when you fail, how you handle it can go a long way. Will you dwell on the mistake you committed and spend time just thinking about it, or will you get up, learn from the mistake, and move forward? Negative thoughts only make you your worst enemy. Once you have jotted down your goals, look at every problem as an opportunity to learn, keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll be amazed at how the world around you changes.


Habit Number 4 – Develop a strong sense of focus

It’s easy to get distracted by social media or get caught up in other work and commitments. But achieving your goals is a long process, and it will require your time, effort, and resources. If you’re spread too thin, you won’t have enough time in the day to work on what you want. You have to make your goal your number one priority and give it the time and attention it needs. That is easier said than done, but I’m here to share some tips with you on how you can focus up. You can narrow down your list to the most important commitments in your life. You can breakdown each of your major goals and set deadlines for each, so it isn’t overwhelming. You can keep an accountability partner, someone who checks in on you to make sure you’ve achieved your smaller goals. You can make a schedule and set reminders for yourself to keep on track. And my personal favorite... you can create a vision board which is a collection of images that you’re working towards. Keep it in a place you frequently visit every day to remind yourself of what is important to you.


Habit Number 5 – Take action towards your goal daily

This is definitely the hardest part. It seems researching and planning and making reminders on sticky notes is much easier than actually moving and doing the thing. But this is the most important step towards achieving any goal. The easiest way to do this, honestly, is to develop a routine. Eventually, your body will perform the actions on autopilot, and it will just become a regular part of your life. Starting, of course, is the hard part. There will be some internal push back, many days when you just don’t want to leave the bed at six in the morning or spend some extra time cooking a healthy meal. Expect it, and plan to bypass it. If you’re trying to eat healthy and you crave a burger, plan to make a healthy one yourself with organic and fresh ingredients. If you’re trying to write a book, make sure you sit and write about 1000 words every day until it becomes second nature. Slowly but surely, you’ll find yourself closer and closer to achieving your goal.


Habit Number 6 - Seek support to avoid struggling alone

We all need help sometimes, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for it. Very few people get successful on their own, many of them start with support, whether it’s from family or friends or your teachers. It definitely does not make you seem weak… in fact, in a world where people are so hesitant to ask for help, it is actually a sign of strength that you want to reach out. You may think it would be inconvenient for others, or that you would be a burden. Nothing could be further from the truth. Studies have shown that sharing your problems and feelings with people lets them know that we are like them, and this strengthens relationships. Sharing information or your feelings makes you seem more trusting, warm, and friendly. Moreover, people love being helpful! Find someone to mentor you. Mentors are a great source of information and encouragement. You’ll be able to achieve your goals faster if you allow people to advise you and guide you.


Habit Number 7 – Celebrate your success along the way!

Achieving your final goal is a monumental achievement, but the smaller goals you accomplished in order to reach the big ones are also important! You are working hard and deserve to celebrate it throughout the process. Treat yourself to a new kind of coffee blend, go out with friends, visit a spa, or watch a play… whatever it is, make sure it doesn’t negate all the hard work you’ve done! If you’ve been doing a good job losing weight, don’t reward yourself with a treat high in sugar. It should be something that makes you recognize your efforts and encourages you to keep going... and it actually works! Studies have shown that every time you receive a reward for a job well done, your body releases dopamine and it’s a pretty addictive feeling. You become motivated to do more so you can reward yourself more often!


And those are my seven top habits you can use to work towards your goals and achieve them.  Which ones are you going to start with first?  

If you have any questions about these habits for setting and achieving your goals, please let me know by leaving a comment. I also want to give you more information on goal setting and achieving. You’ll find my top tips and strategies in The Goal Guide. This eBook contains everything that you need to get started with setting and achieving your goals. Click here for your free and immediate download.


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