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Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020

The year 2020 kinda sucks.

So far this year has seen me in the midst of a grueling job search (which sucked), the unexpected death of my father (which also sucked) and being confined to the house because of COVID-19 (which majorly sucked).

I guess another way to describe the year is simply crazy. But it hasn’t been a total loss. I did find a job that is perfect for me, and I was able to grieve my father adequately. However, I still have not been able to wrap my mind around the Coronavirus and how it would impact the entire world. Not only are an unprecedented number of people contracting the illness and passing away, but the efforts to slow the spread of the virus are unprecedented as well. Desperate times really do call for desperate measures.

And those measures included closing all nonessential businesses (stores, restaurants, salons, etc.), cancelling all events, shutting down all schools and strongly recommending that everyone stay in their homes.

So far, it’s been about four weeks of all of this and the quarantine is strangely becoming a way of life.

The new normal.

In the beginning, this “new normal” was spooky. But now, all the face masks, deserted parking lots and empty toilet paper shelves in grocery stores have become expected these days.


So enough of that. I’m sure that anyone reading this knows the situation. It’s all over the media, Facebook and if you’re lucky like me… your mom is texting you all of the updates. What I really want to spend a minute chatting about is all the ways that I am managing to cope with the pandemic… or my routine during the quarantine.



I am still waking up around 5am every morning and the first thing that I do is ask God for an end to the crisis. I pray for the health and safety of my friends, family and frontline workers who are dodging the COVID-19 bullet daily. I also pray for the millions of people who have lost their jobs and income as a result of the quarantine.



Before the crisis really hit, I made a promise to myself to keep fresh flowers in my kitchen all spring. Not really sure why I did that, but I am sooo glad that I did. I find fresh flowers to be so peaceful and refreshing. They lift my spirits greatly, and thankfully, my grocery store is still supplying them.



Ok. It’s like this. Amazon is my new best friend, y’all. Since going to a store has become nearly impossible and/or like taking chances with your life, I’ve resorted to ordering almost everything for my household from the essentials to the frivolous. I love to shop and, quite frankly, this option has allowed me to maintain some sense of normality.



Now when I say that my house is spotless, I’m not playing around. This place is CLEAN. That is because I spend an average of seven hours cleaning, decluttering and organizing each day while I wait to start my new job. I clean so much that there is nothing left to clean. I’ve spent a few hundred hours on top of kitchen cabinets, under beds, scouring bathrooms and scrubbing anything that wasn’t moving. My friend says that I’m going to be catching dust fall from the sky soon. With nothing else to do, it’s either clean or go crazy for me.



Ahhh… self-care. What a wonderful concept. And fortunately, I have been able to embrace it with all of the additional time on my hands. I’m still keeping up with my weight loss activities and am down 30 pounds so far this year (woohoo!!). I’m also making sure that I get enough sleep and enjoy regular soaks in the tub and deep cleansing facials. I’m even going to do my own mani pedi for the first time in about ten years. Wish me luck!

Be well and stay safe everyone!!

By Brook Mayborne


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