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Uncategorized Feb 13, 2021


You want it, but everyone else seems to have it.  Have you ever asked yourself, “What do they have that I don’t have?”  Well, it may come down to one simple thing, and that’s confidence.  In this article, I’ll tell you how to build confidence or enhance the confidence that you already have. 


So, let’s start by honestly answering a simple question.  How many goals have you had that you really wanted to accomplish, but doubts in your abilities kept getting in the way and leaving you doing little or nothing at all about your goal?  This self-doubt either led you to replace your ambition with something smaller, or even worse… eliminate the dream all together. 

I’m here to tell you that you do not have to settle when it comes to your ambitions because of self-doubt.  This situation can be easily corrected by increasing the amount of self-confidence that you develop over time.  There is an important connection between your goals and the faith that you have in your own abilities.

So, in this article, I’ll cover the benefits of self-confidence and lasting ways to bust your doubt and boost your confidence so that you are able to go after those meaningful goals that you dream about achieving.   


What is Self-Confidence?

But before I get into all of that, let’s start off with a conversation on what self-confidence actually is.  Basically, self-confidence is not a measure of your actual ability, but instead it is a measure of what you believe you can do.  Self-confidence is your own personal opinion of how likely you are to accomplish a given goal or task.  Another way of stating this is that the confidence you have in yourself is the amount of trust you have in your qualities, abilities and future outcomes.


Two Benefits of Self-Confidence

So now that we know what self-confidence is, let’s discuss three major benefits of trusting in your abilities and why this is so important, especially for individuals like you who are interested in getting to the next level of success.  The main two benefits are having a positive attitude and more opportunities. 


Benefit #1 – Positivity

Ok, so let’s get started.  The first benefit that you are going to have when you build your confidence is a healthy, positive attitude.  This is because people who have high self-confidence tend to have a more optimistic outlook on life since they are more likely to believe that they are capable of doing things.  Self-confident people trust that they have something of value to offer and that they deserve the best.  This positive attitude in turn attracts more positivity and fills your life with greater happiness and fulfillment.

You will also develop a higher sense of self-worth and belief in your value as a person.  This comes from knowing deep down that your abilities are more than sufficient, and you are a significant contributor to whatever you are involved in. 

More confidence will have you waking up every single day feeling good about what it is possible, and you will have a more positive outlook on every single thing that you do.  You will know that you were made to do something that is really big and that you are made to make an impact, however that looks for you.  And that's going to make you feel wonderful.   

You will look forward to every single day because you're going to have confidence and you're going to have this amazing positive outlook on life.  Things are not going to be so negative and not going to always pull you down.  You are going to be uplifted, and you're going to be uplifting other people and that’s just going to make you feel even more confident.  You are going to attract more positivity and opportunities to your life.


Benefit #2 – Opportunities

The second major benefit to having more self-confidence is that you are going to start saying yes to more of those opportunities that are now coming your way because of your positive attitude.  I want you to think for a moment and just imagine how many opportunities you have passed by because you were insecure, or you didn’t feel capable or you just weren’t comfortable with going after a new goal.   

You’ve said to yourself: “I won't be good at that”, or “I'm not ready to handle that situation.”  You know you really wanted to do it, but you just didn't push yourself because you just didn’t have that full confidence.  So, guess what, when you start building your confidence, you're going to start saying yes to more of those opportunities and then even more opportunities are going to come your way.   

And the more you say yes to opportunities, the more you get to start doing the things that you want to do. Then one day, you’ll turn around and look at all of the amazing things that you’ve done that you could’ve been missing out on.  But now with your higher level of self-confidence, you will start saying yes, “I'll take on that challenge” or “Yeah, I'll set a new goal.  I know I can do it.  I'm going to get it done, and I am going to be successful.”


Steps for Building Self-Confidence

Increased positivity and more opportunities are the two major benefits that come from having a higher level of self-confidence.  Now I would like to spend some time discussing some of the ways that self-confidence can be developed and improved.


Step One – Change the Way You Talk to Yourself

The first and most important step you can take to improve your self-confidence is to change the way that you talk to yourself.  Nothing affects us more than what we tell ourselves.  Unhealthy self-talk includes thinking about how you can't do something or that you’re not good enough or that you’re going to fail.  It keeps you from doing what you need to do, and it constantly pushes you further down and makes you doubt yourself and your full potential.   

But when you start building your confidence, you are going to have a healthier and more positive attitude.  So that means that you need to start telling yourself things more like: “I got this, I can do it, I'm going to work through it and I'm going to be successful.”  You're going to eliminate that negative internal dialogue so that you just have healthy, positive self-talk that builds you up.  And you will find that as you continue saying positive things to yourself about your abilities, you will begin to believe them and grow more confident in your abilities. 

You’ll also find that when you're talking to yourself in a better way, it’s just going to allow you to face situations with a strong, positive attitude because you believe in yourself.  Words are so important, and your confidence can improve so much from just the things that you are saying to yourself.  


Step Two – Get Prepared

The second step that I want you to take in order to build your self-confidence is to get prepared.  You don't want to do things like take a test or go to an interview or meet new people without feeling prepared for it.  Feeling unprepared just fuels negative self-talk and gets you nowhere.  So, the best thing to do in order to get prepared is to learn about the situation and take steps that are needed to make you feel comfortable with going through with it.  

This may mean that you study extra hard, have someone give you a mock interview or review LinkedIn to learn more about the people you are going to be networking with.  Most importantly, it means that you are going to practice, practice and practice to develop new skills and competencies that are necessary for you to be successful.  The more prepared you are the better you’ll feel about yourself and the final outcomes.  This will reduce your doubts and boost your self-confidence.  


Step Three – Achieve Small Goals

The third, and another very important step to building a higher self-confidence is setting small goals and achieving them.  Achieving small goals makes success a habit and increases your self-confidence because when you achieve those small goals, you feel even better about yourself.  So, if you are lacking in confidence now, I encourage you to set small goals that move you closer towards what you want.  I say small goals because you can achieve them quicker, and each one you achieve will give you a sense of victory and you'll feel more confident about your abilities.  

So, if you want to lose weight, start with a goal of losing five pounds instead of fifty.  Or instead of a goal to land your dream job, start with writing an amazing resume.  You’ll find that setting and achieving smaller goals is very effective when they are aligned with a larger goal or vision that you have for yourself because you will eventually see accumulated progress and that will make you feel even more successful and this is definitely a self-confidence booster.


The Key Take Away

So, to wrap up, I’d just like to repeat that there is an important connection between setting and achieving goals and the confidence that you have in your own abilities.  

I hope this article has given you additional insight into your own level of self-confidence and how to improve it so that you can get greater results and be more successful at achieving your goals.


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