Hey there!  I'm Brook...




My purpose is to help ambitious women do and be more through guidance, support and mentoring so that they are empowered to attain their unique purpose and goals.

I’m founder and lead at pink2paris LLC, the lifestyle brand that helps women advance personally and achieve success.  I want to be your success coach and accountability partner.

I’m no stranger to setbacks and not meeting goals, but I found a path that works for me and helps me overcome the hurdles on my way to success. I know how hard it can be to plan for success and find motivation on your own. But together, we’ll tailor a success plan for you that is uniquely yours.

Top reasons for working with me...

  • As a director of human resources, I have been coaching professionals in career development since 2011.  
  • Through YouTube and other platforms, I have become known for inspiring over 10,000 followers from around the world to take action, improve their lives and make their goals a reality.
  • People enjoy and respect my transparency and straightforward approach to coaching and accountability.
  • My vast personal and professional experience allows me to approach each coaching session from a unique perspective and in a way that speaks to your needs.

I have a calling for inspiring people on and offline to make positive changes in their lives. And since starting my YouTube channel over eight years ago, I’ve gotten hundreds of personal comments from viewers indicating just how much I inspired them to take action. 

In realizing the impact that I was having on the people in my network by just being me, I decided to level-up my skills and become a certified coach.

Now, I am a coach who helps you stay accountable to your success plan based on your values. I offer guidance, support and accountability that help make your goals and dreams a reality. 

When you work with me...

As your success coach and accountability partner, we’ll work together to understand your background and the issues you’re facing.

Then we’ll review your goals and create an action plan. Our follow-up sessions keep you accountable to that plan and on your path to success.

I’ve inspired thousands over the internet.

Now imagine how much more of an impact there would be if you were to work directly with me – no filter and dedicated one-on-one service to ensure your dreams and goals are fulfilled.

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